inspire & ENLIGHTEN

... audiences by crafting interactive

and experiential journeys through out the ever-evolving digital touchpoint landscape.

A leap toward a new future.

Wonderstudios was born at the crossing of emerging technologies, digital brand strategies, and innovative content creation to guide and inspire brands and agencies whether across the globe or down the street.

We are Specialists.

After more than four years of great display ad collaborations with prestigious clients, our structure became a protean and hybrid entity composed of a variety of experts who can handle challenging advertising campaigns. Strategists, producers, creative directors, storytellers and technologists, our craftspeople are all led by a common passion for creating imaginative and interactive tailor-made digital experiences.

Values that cross cultures and eras.

Nurtured by a multiplicity of creative fields, aesthetics, and technological innovation, our team goes beyond the digital frontier to share its aspirations for progressive ideas and to offer a new approach to human-centric brand experiences, society, and its consumption habits.

A bridge between two worlds.

Convinced that digital evolutions enable us to break free from physical boundaries and transcend frontiers, we aim to explore the new relationships between people and communication channels by studying and harnessing every opportunity that emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and data have to offer.

The power of handmade technology.

Devoted to code, pixels, and storytelling, our goldsmiths finely craft impactful digital strategies & social activations, memorable brand content, highly interactive ad-formats, immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences as well as interactive installations.

Creativity at the core of every strategy

Wonderstudios combines a consultancy service offer with a creative and development studio to think, position and analyze contents across all the digital ecosystem's touchpoint.

Strongly ROI-oriented, we analyze digital activations and track your content's data to reach your KPIs.

Insight passionate, we believe that creating quality campaigns requires an integrated creative strategy.

  • Brand Strategy & Distribution
    Audience and Content Analysis / Audience Growth / Content Distribution / Digital Strategy & Activations / Creative Strategy
  • Creative
    Art Direction / Brand Content / Design & Copywriting / Functional Prototyping / UI-UX design
  • Online Advertising
    Desktop & Mobile Ads / Interactive Ads / Dynamic Creative Optimisation / Automated Scale Production / Localization
  • Innovation & Interaction
    Emerging Technologies / Virtual and Augmented Reality / Web & Mobile Sites / WebGL & WebVR / Interactive Installations
  • Media Orchestration
    Campaign Strategy / Ad Tech Consultancy / Media Buying & Planning / Dynamic Setup / Analytics & Reporting
  • OOH & Digital OOH
    Motion Graphics and Animation / Dynamic Content / Shopper Experiences / Digital Signage
  • Social
    Social Activation / Video & Content Production / Paid Social Ads / Real-Time Optimization
Digital brand strategies, immersive stories, unique experiences crafted with brainpower & subtlety to connect modern audiences with the world's best brands and ad agencies.